Health Counseling/Wellness Consults

My style of consulting is to teach you manageable steps toward optimal health.  I am 100% committed to you throughout this process and you will always receive more than adequate resources and information to help you reach your goals and make good decisions for your health.  

So, where you want your health to be in 6 months? 

How do you see yourself getting there?

Getting well means making changes that may feel uncomfortable for you, at first.


My job during this process is to show you your thoughts, emotions, and habits related to your health, see you if like the results they are creating for you, and if not, then to help you make better decisions regarding your health.

You will also discover root causes of your health issues, remove obstacles that are blocking your path to healing & what it needs to heal.  Doing this, you WILL see results.  


So instead of feeling stressed, frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, or hopeless about trying to figure it all out yourself, we work together in a 1:1 setting and focus on you & your health every week for one hour.  While most people achieve results before six months, we work on maintaining those results for the rest of the program, compounding those results into other areas of your health, and working on other areas that need support. 


By the end of the program, you will have a deeper understanding of what is going on in your body and learn the tools to achieve the results you want. 

My recommendations are for educational information only and not as a prescription.  I am not acting as your doctor and therefore I cannot prescribe any medical treatment or diagnose.


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  1. Are payment plans available?  Yes, but there is an additional $200 charge to the listed price.  Your payment will be divided into 6 monthly payments starting at your first visit & will be charged automatically to the credit card on file.  

  2. What happens if I don't use all the visits?  If you do not use all 24 visits before your six month program ends, then those visits will not carry over.  So please make sure to use them all within the six-month time frame.  

  3. What happens if I miss a week?  It's ok!  You an always make-up any visits you missed at any time during the program!

  4. Are the calls on Zoom or phone calls?  Either one works.  You will receive a zoom link for the visits, but if you would rather have phone calls please let us know.  

  5. What happens after the program ends?  Don't worry, you won't be left hanging!  There are a few options after the program is finished that will be discussed with each client as the time approaches based on where you are & your current results. 

  6. What if I need to end the program early?  While we don’t expect you will want to and we recommend all clients complete all visits included in the program for best results, if for some reason you need to end your program early, you may do so at any time. Please contact the office via a telephone or email.  In such case, we will refund you an amount equal to the upfront payment minus any sums due for the services already provided. The amounts due for the services already provided will be computed at our non-discounted service rate of $495/visit.  This means you will lose the discount you received by paying for the program. If the “non-discounted” amount due for the Services already provided equals or exceeds the amount paid upfront, there will be no refund owed to client.  If it is less than the amount paid upfront, the balance will be refunded to client.

Disclaimer: If you have a medical condition of any kind, you must maintain treatment as prescribed by your physician regardless of my recommendations or advice, or any use of recommended online guides, supplementations, websites or products. In the case of medical diagnoses, it is vital to work with your physician to determine the best course of action; and to never replace one treatment for another that goes against your physician’s advice.  Full medical clearance from a licensed physician should be obtained before beginning or modifying any diet, exercise, or lifestyle program; and physicians should be informed of all food changes. This is the responsibility of the client.

None of the recommendations, suggestions or written information provided are intended to replace medical advice of any kind.  Health Coaching/Wellness counseling is not a prescriptive service; all consultations written or otherwise should be considered as purely informational and carried out at the individual’s own risk.