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Frequently Asked Questions

Cosmetic Acupuncture

~Beauty From Within~

Is Acupuncture Painful?

We take great care to make our patients very comfortable so that they can relax while the needles are in place​.  The acupuncture needles used are special fine hand and face needles.  The needles are inserted very shallowly into the face, neck, or abdomen area.  

If you are highly sensitive or nervous about the needles, please let us know and we will make sure you are comfortable throughout the treatment.  We are committed to making sure you feel comfortable during your treatments and accommodate all of your needs.


Is Acupuncture Safe?

 Acupuncture is a very safe and natural therapy.  Patients often feel relaxed and a sense of well-being during the treatment.  Acupuncture needles are pre-sterilized and discarded after a single use.  

What Should I Expect On My First Treatment?

During your initial consultation, the practitioner will take a complete health history and physical evaluation of the specific requested area.  They will also ask you questions about your lifestyle, nutrition, past medical history, and any information that may be pertinent to your current health condition.

The practitioner will feel your pulse, look at your tongue, and may palpate specific areas of your body.  


The first cosmetic acupuncture treatment will begin on the next visit.


The initial consultation may last about 90 minutes and all subsequent cosmetic treatments are about 75 minutes.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

For your first treatments, this system of cosmetic acupuncture requires a series of 12 treatments over a period of 3 months.  Since acupuncture works with the body's natural healing ability, your body's constitution can also play a role and some people may need more than one series. 

Plus, it's a process! It is rare for anyone to experience a complete, long-term end of a problem with only one treatment. Most people need a series of treatments in order to get good results and maintain those results - similar to how one pill prescribed by your doctor won't do much by itself and, if it does, the effects may not last long.

After completing the series, it is recommended to receive maintenance treatments which will be discussed as your treatment progresses.  

What kind of benefits might I see?

This system of cosmetic acupuncture is about treating the whole person not just the face, neck, or abdomen.  Treating imbalances inside the body that causes aging and its effects in conjunction with treating the face using acupuncture is the best anti-aging medicine available.*

Along with improved overall health, it is possible for you to see the following results:*

  • reduction in fine lines

  • a "leveling" of deeper lines 

  • the beginning of jowls can be minimized

  • improved collagen formation and elasticity of facial muscles

  • possible improvement in acne and rosacea

  • softer skin

  • overall consistent skin tone

  • fading of age spots

  • increase in energy

  • improved digestion

What Should I Do After My Treatment?

Recommendations such as skin care, nutrition, and/ or Chinese herbs may be given to help maintain the results from the cosmetic acupuncture.  It takes time and effort to achieve healthy, vibrant skin and we want to do everything possible to maintain those great results!  

In general, for the first 24-48 hours after treatment, it's a good idea to pay attention to the way you feel with regard to what was treated (e.g. Has the condition changed at all in frequency, intensity, or area affected? How long did the improvement last?  How was my sleep that night?) so you can report back to your practitioner at your next appointment.

Can I Receive Cosmetic Acupuncture When I Am Pregnant?

Unfortunately, no.  

Acupuncture is great for pregnancy, but we do not recommend receiving cosmetic acupuncture while you are pregnant.  We want all that qi and blood to go to you and your baby!    

We do highly recommend acupuncture during your first trimester to help assist embryo development, help prevent miscarriage, and address any other symptoms that may arise during this time.​

*Reference: Cosmetic Acupuncture Works by Martha Lucas, PhD, LAc


One Series (10 treatments) Acupuncture only

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