For New Naturopathic Patients
Wellness Clients

What You Need To Know

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 All new naturopathic & wellness clients are invited to complete an application.

The reason for the application is to determine if you and I are both a good fit to work together to accomplish your health goals.

  I should warn you, this is not a quick-fix.


The process involves discovering the root-cause(s) of your autoimmune disease and implementing a variety of lifestyle strategies to address it.

So if you are looking to create long-lasting health from the inside out & reverse your autoimmune disease, then this is for you.


Once your application is received & approved, you will be contacted via email within 3 business days to schedule a free 30 minute discovery call.   

Thank you!

In order to better serve you, please fill out this quick form.

It will give Dr. Nicole a better idea of what kind of help you are looking for & how she would be best able to serve you.

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